Art Dye Park
1200 N 550 E St., American Fork


June 16, 2023 5:00 pm


Paid Event


Harrington Center for the Arts & Velour Live Music Gallery Present FORK FEST 2023 The Aces, Joshua James, The Strike EJ Michels, Cardinal Bloom, Little Moon, Book on Tape Worm, Kyle Henderson (of Desert Noises), Stuart Wheeler (of Quiet House), Lantern By Sea, Beeson, Cinders, Seaslak, Pinguin Mofex, Paige Fish, 19 Miles Per Hour, Goldmyth, Garon Brett, 26Fix, Faith Marie, No Such Animal, Stephanie Mabey, Jordan Moyes, The Rubies, Obeeyay, Kaytlin Numbers, Michelle Moonshine, Sky Olson & The Valley, Caleb Darger, Cactus Tree, Avintaquin, PTA BOTB Winner