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After Dark 3 | The Mix Morning Fix Podcast with Extras Oct. 11th

Jon gets frustrated over pie, Justin surrenders his house to a snake, and Jackson can’t even with all these dog costumes.

All this, plus another edition of Mix Morning Fix After dark. Who exactly is Becky with the Good hair? Let’s discuss it. It’s naughtier than you think.

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Show Extras

Is it Haunted?
We discussed a viral video about a haunting caught on tape. After much deliberation, we all decided that it isn’t haunted. What do you think?


Justin Doesn’t Appreciate Gifts
Jackson printed out two large photos of the selfie he took during Monday’s Chubby Bunny contest and taped them to Jon and Justin’s desks. Well, Justin wasn’t such a fan of this gift, so he’s asking our Facebook followers what he should do with it. He’s leaning toward shredding, but he’s open to suggestions.



Jackson’s Choose the News Story
Jackson’s choose the news story didn’t get chosen. But it’s great. And since he writes the show blog (hey, girl), he’s putting it in here.

A man named Ariel Contreras broke into a car in Washington around 1:30 A.M. on Monday.  Someone spotted and confronted him, so he ran.

But he left something behind…

Apparently he was wearing Incredible Hulk hands during the robbery, and he left them attached to the steering wheel.
The person who owned the car confirmed that the Hulk hands were NOT there before the robbery, so Ariel definitely left them in there.

The cops tracked him down a few blocks away and he was arrested for vehicle prowling and possession of stolen property. Check out the photo below.


Best Spiderman
We have yet another argument on our hands: who was the best Spiderman. To be fair, none of us have seen the newest Spiderman. Whom we have been assured is the best one.

Besides Tom, we got into a fight about who is the best Spiderman. Jon and Justing think it’s Tobey Maguire. Because as usual, they’re wrong. Obviously it’s Andrew Garfield.


I mean, look at him. He’s adorable.


He doesn’t even need a great costume. He’s 100 times the Spiderman Tobey Maguire could ever hope to be.

Settle an argument for The Mix Morning Fix. Who was the best Spiderman?

— Mix 1051 (@MIX1051Utah) October 11, 2017


If those gifs weren’t enough to change your mind, check out Andrew’s best moments.

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