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Bob Ross and The Joy of Not Dressing Up | Mix Morning Fix Podcast 9-18-2017

Justin refuses to dress up for Halloween, Jon’s car got vandalized, and Jackson offers to whisper mean things to girls on dates. LISTEN NOW ON ITUNES OR SPREAKER.

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Should Justin dress up for Halloween?
Every year, the Mix 105.1 sales and on-air staff dress up in a group costume. There’s just one problem: Mr. Justin Taylor is a big, ol’ party pooper and refuses to play along. In a shocking revelation, Jackson announced that he also hates dressing up.

Jon says that it shouldn’t matter how they feel about it and that they need to do it for team morale. What do you think? Vote right now!

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Bob Ross and the Joy of Not Yelling at Anybody- 
Today we talked about the odd things that soothe you. Here are some of our favorite texts

1) Hopefully not at the same time. 

2) Cleanest house on the block.

3) And this adult baby

But then we got this text that everyone can agree with.

Bob Mother******g Ross. How could we have all overlooked that afro’d angel?? That’s when Jon dropped some knowledge on us: Bob Ross was at one point a Master Sergeant in the US Military.

Could you even imagine?!?! 

Bob Ross screaming at you to scrub the toilets. Bob Ross calling your a “Maggot.” Bob Ross making you polish his boots.

But apparently this tough persona was too much and lead him to a life of quite painting and happy trees. He decided that when he left the military, he had had enough and was never going to raise his voice again. Read about that and more on Bob Ross here.

To relax you on this stressful Monday, watch some Joy of Painting right now:


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