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Check Out the Official Metal Versions of Your Favorite Disney Songs

If you love Disney, but you wish it was MORE METAL, your ship has finally come in.  Available RIGHT NOW is “Metal Disney”, an album full of Disney classics covered by metal bands!

They include “Under the Sea”, “A Whole New World”, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, and even “It’s a Small World”.

They assembled a band consisting of singer Mike Vescera and guitarist John Bruno from ObsessionRudy Sarzo from Quiet Riot and Ozzy Osbourne’s band on bass . . . and drummer B.J. Zampa, who’s played with Obsession, Dokken and other bands.

Vescera says recording this stuff was harder than you’d think.  Quote, “You think, ‘Aw, it’s a kid’s song.’  But when you get into how they wrote these things, they’re quite incredible and really well written . . .

“So it’s just figuring out what exactly is going on and then taking it piece by piece.”

Here’s a sample!

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