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A New App Could Tell Your Boss How Much Time You’re Spending in the Bathroom

Bathroom breaks are the best part of the work day:  You’re still on the clock and getting paid, but you get to be all alone with your thoughts and your phone.  And now some company wants to ruin all that.

A Japanese company called KDDI just created an app that could let your boss know when you’re spending an extra long time in the bathroom.

The app is set up to monitor the stalls in all of the bathrooms in an office building.

People can check to see if stalls are available before they head to the bathroom, which can save them the hassle of getting to the bathroom and finding it’s totally occupied.  So that’s good.

But the app can also send an alert to management if one stall has been occupied for too long.  And it’s not hard to see how companies could quickly use the data from that alert to figure out which employees are burning the most time on the toilet.

The app is going on sale in Japan starting in March.  There’s no word on when it might be available over here.


Four Things Your Credit Card Company Will Do if You Just Ask

  A lot of young people don’t know this.  If you ever miss a credit card payment, just ASK them to waive the late fee.  Unless it’s a regular thing, there’s a good chance they’ll do it.

According to a new survey, here are four things your credit card company will usually do for you if you just call them up and ask . . .

1.  Waive a late payment fee.  Only 25% of us have asked, and it worked 87% of the time.  You just can’t do it all the time.

2.  Up your credit limit.  28% of people have asked, and it worked 89% of the time.

3.  Lower your interest rate.  19% of people have asked, and it worked 69% of the time.

4.  Waive their annual fee.  Only 11% of people have asked for it.  51% had it waived, and another 31% ended up paying a lower fee.  So that’s an 82% success rate.

The survey did find it’s a little harder for YOUNG people to get a yes on all that stuff.  But once you hit your mid-to-late 20’s, your chances go way up.

93% of people between 27 and 36 who’ve asked for any of those four things have gotten a yes at least once.


Wendy’s Has the Fastest Drive-Thru . . . Starbucks Has the Slowest

  A recent study had people take about 2,000 trips to 15 different fast-food chains to find out which one has the fastest drive-thru.  On average, each order took 3 minutes and 46 seconds from start to finish.

And the fastest drive-thru was at WENDY’S.

Here are the top five . . .

1.  Wendy’s.  The average order took 2 minutes and 49 seconds.  They were the only chain to crack three minutes.

2.  Dunkin’ Donuts . . . 3 minutes and 1 second.

3.  Burger King . . . 3 minutes and 21 seconds.

4.  KFC . . . 3 minutes and 24 seconds.

5.  McDonald’s . . . 3 minutes and 28 seconds.

Starbucks had the SLOWEST drive-thru, at just under FIVE minutes per order.

(Check out the average times for all 15 chains here.)

If you care more about ACCURACY, the chain that’s least likely to screw your order up is Carl’s Jr.  They got it right 97% of the time, followed by Chick-fil-A, 95% . . . Hardee’s, 93% . . . McDonald’s, 92% . . . and Taco Bell at 91.7%.

Panera Bread had the LEAST accurate drive-thru at 83%.  So they got something wrong on about one in every six orders.

(QSR Magazine)

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