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Choose the news 02/02/18

Olive Garden Just Rolled Out New Lasagna Nachos

You probably haven’t eaten pasta with your hands since you were a toddler.  And it’s about damn time that changed.

Olive Garden just rolled out a new food that’s, basically, LASAGNA NACHOS.  They’re calling them “Loaded Pasta Chips” which is a worse name than LASAGNA NACHOS.  Because that’s what they are.  LASAGNA NACHOS.

Here’s what that means . . .

1.  Instead of chips, they use fried lasagna noodles.

2.  They’re covered in two sauces:  A meat sauce with chunks of chicken, meatballs, and sausage . . . and a little bit of Alfredo sauce.

3.  And they’re covered in two types of cheese:  Mozzarella and Parmesan.

They’re available now, if you want to be the hero who brings them to a Super Bowl party.  And they’ll be on sale through the end of March.

You Can Get Married at a Denny’s in Vegas for $99 on Valentine’s Day . . . But Pancakes Are Extra

  I’m pretty sure nothing says “romance” better than this.

If you didn’t know, there’s a Denny’s in Las Vegas that has its own wedding chapel.  And they’re raising their game for Valentine’s Day . . . by offering weddings for just $99.

That includes a “silk presentation” bouquet and boutonniere . . . in other words, no real flowers.  You also get a champagne toast and a certificate.  If you want pancakes, they’re extra.

Normally the weddings there cost $199 and DO include pancakes.

The Biggest Turn-Off When You Bring a Woman Home Is . . . Stealing Your Neighbors’ Internet

Remember the good old days, when the biggest turn-offs about your place were the giant mess, your 17 cats, and the fact that all you had in the fridge was a stick of butter and five beers?  Things have changed, man.

According to a new survey, when you invite a woman over to your place, the biggest turn-off for her is . . . you stealing your neighbors’ Internet.  88% of women say that’s the biggest red flag of all.

And the second-biggest turn-off is . . . having a roommate.  82% of women say that’s an issue . . . and so do 69% of men.

The biggest turn-ons are a clean bathroom, nice sheets, and a nice yard.



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