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Choose the news 02/09/18

People magazine claims Lucky Charms is retiring their yellow hourglass marshmallow in the spring. No word on a replacement

The Top Ten Things That Negatively Impact a Relationship . . . and Half Are Sex-Related

  Most couples will tell you sex ISN’T the most important thing in a relationship.  But it might be 50% of it.  According to a new survey, here are the top ten things that negatively impact relationships.  And half of them have to do with sex . . .


1.  Work stress.  35% agreed with that one.

2.  Being too tired for sex, 33%.

3.  Having no sex drive, 28%.

4.  Arguments about money, 27%.

5.  One of you is a morning person, and the other is a night owl, 20%.

6.  Health problems.  18% said long-term health issues have hurt their relationship.  Another 16% said short-term health issues have.

7.  Boring sex, 15%.

8.  Erectile dysfunction, 14%.

9.  Arguments about the kids, 12%.

10.  Failing to climax, 11%.  A few that just missed the top ten are having a baby . . . watching porn . . . being too QUICK in bed . . . cheating . . . and arguing about politics.

The survey also found just 64% of people are “very happy” in their current relationship.  19% are “unhappy.”  Everyone else falls somewhere in between.

There’s a New Toy That Lets You Pop Fake Pimples

Popping a pimple is really gross . . . but at the same time, it’s super satisfying, right?  So maybe THIS is the new stress ball . . .

There’s a new toy on sale called the Pop It Pal . . . and it’s a piece of rubber with a bunch of fake PIMPLES on it.  And when you squeeze them, fake yellow pus squirts out.

If you want it, it’ll run you $20 at  And that includes one bottle of pus so you can keep refilling it . . . but if you want more pus than that, it’s sold separately.



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