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Choose the news 02/12/18

KEA Challenge: Mashable claims teens are taking part in a new challenge called the IKEA challenge. The goal of the challenge is to stay in an IKEA store for 24 hours. An 11 year old from Sheffield, England was reported missing by his family before he was found in an IKEA after hours. Law enforcement officials are asking IKEA stores to check for teens after closing.


The Popular New Hot Dog Topping Is . . . Peanut Butter?

You know how some hot dog purists think it’s sacrilegious to put KETCHUP on one?  I can’t even IMAGINE how they’ll react to this.

Apparently, the popular new hot dog topping is . . . PEANUT BUTTER.

The people at “Food & Wine” magazine tried it out . . . and they say it’s surprisingly good.  Who knew peanuts and mystery meat were complimentary flavors?


Fresh Flowers

A survey by the Caption Fragrance Company reveals that 46% of women are disappointed when they receive a Valentine’s Day bouquet. Other findings:

– 50% of women don’t like flowers because fresh flowers never last.

– 77% of women would rather receive something else than flowers for Valentine’s Day.

– 30% of women feel fresh flowers are a waste of money.

– 12% of men say buying Valentine’s Day flowers from a gas station is a last resort.

– 22% of men buy Valentine’s Day flowers because they are an easy option when they have forgotten to buy something else

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