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Choose the news 02/21/18

New Starbucks Drink Changes Colors: claim Starbucks stores in Asia are selling a new cold drink that changes color. The Butterfly Pea Lemonade Cold Brew features purple, yellow and light coffee colors. When mixed together, the drink changes colors. Starbucks won’t say if North American Baristas will be making the drink

Here Are the Eight New Flavors of Peeps Coming Out For Easter

  It seems like the people at Peeps looked at Oreos, where they’re cranking out a billion new flavors constantly, and said, “Hey, we should do that.”

Peeps just announced EIGHT new flavors for Easter:

1.  Sour cherry, available at grocery stores.

2.  Neapolitan, at Target.

3.  Lemon sherbet dipped in fudge, at Target.

4.  Orange sherbet dipped in fudge, at Target.

5.  Pancakes and syrup, at Kroger.

6.  And three mystery flavors, available at Walmart.

All of these new flavors should hit those stores soon.

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