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The Five Jobs That Make Us the Happiest and the Most Miserable

 A job in Hollywood or the music industry might sound fun.  But would it really make you happy?  Don’t think too hard, because apparently the answer is YES.

A new study surveyed people in a bunch of different industries to find out which jobs make us the happiest.  And three of the top five are GLAMOUR jobs that come with at least some level of fame.

The five jobs with the highest satisfaction rate are video game producer . . . film director . . . music producer . . . comedian . . . and neurosurgeon.

It seems like they should have put “successful” in front of a few of those though.  And since when have COMEDIANS been happy?

Unfortunately the five jobs that make us the most miserable are a lot more common:  Stock clerk . . . cashier . . . janitor . . . machine feeder at a factory . . . and telemarketer.

The study also looked at which states are most satisfied with their jobs overall.  The top five are Hawaii, Alaska, Wyoming, New Mexico, and West Virginia.

In last place is Massachusetts, followed by Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Oregon.

Diet Coke Is Launching New, Trendier Flavors in New, Trendier Cans to Compete With New, Trendier Drinks

Apparently, the people at Diet Coke were like, “Wait, someone ELSE is selling a diet drink and doing well?  Not on our watch.”

Coca-Cola just announced they’re launching a sleeker design for Diet Coke cans and some new flavors.  The goal is to compete with trendier, more sophisticated drinks like LaCroix and Izze.

The cans are still 12 ounces, but they’re taller and narrower than normal soda cans.  And the new Diet Coke flavors are Ginger Lime, Twisted Mango, Zesty Blood Orange, and Feisty Cherry.

That’s right, bro, grab yourself a sleek, Virginia Slims-style can of Feisty Cherry today!

All of these new cans and flavors will hit stores later this month.

But if you’re not into them, Coca-Cola is still planning to sell the traditional Diet Coke cans.


There’s New “Smart Underwear” That Reacts to Your Body by Changing Your Thermostat, Music, and More

I’m not sure I need my underwear to be “smart.”  I’ll just take “clean” and “not full of holes.”  But here you go . . .

A company called Myant just released a new line of SMART UNDERWEAR called Skiin.

Here’s how it works:  There are sensors sewn into the underwear and bras thattrack things like your heart rate, temperature, and hydration levels.

And then it can react to your body by automatically interacting with other smart things in your house.  Like, if you’re hot, it will tell your Nest thermostat to lower the temperature.  Or if you’re stressed, it could play calming music on Spotify.

But it isn’t cheap . . . four pairs start at $279.  And it’s hard to imagine “smart underwear” is on anyone’s financial priority list right now.

If you’re interested, you can pre-order now at . . . that’s “Skiin” with two i’s.  The underwear will ship this summer.



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