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Your Cold Nose Is a Sign You’re Working Too Hard?

I just assumed the reason my nose is FREEZING right now is because of the weather.  Turns out that’s not it.  My nose is freezing because I work too hard.  Yeah.  That must be it.

According to a new study out of the University of Nottingham in England, the temperature of your nose is directly connected to how hard your brain is working.

The more mentally exhausted people were, the colder their noses got, regardless of the weather.

Why?  The researchers think it’s because your brain is using most of the blood you’ve got available when you’re working hard . . . so there’s not much left for the rest of your face.

(The Independent)

The 10 Dumbest Reasons People Called 911 Last Year

 If you ever have an emergency but you can’t get through to 911, these geniuses might be the ones to thank.

Here’s a list of the 10 dumbest reasons people called 911 last year.  (Well, technically they called 999, since this is from England, but based on all the stories we see, Americans definitely would have made all of these calls too.)

1.  A person was worried about someone pouring a strange substance on their body . . . turns out it was a person pouring milk on themselves for a performance art piece.

2.  A person wanted sleeping pills delivered.

3.  A person had a toothache.

4.  Someone saw a dead fox and wanted to report it.

5.  A person found out there was a half hour wait at the doctor’s office and figured if they called they’d get faster service.

6.  Someone’s drink was stolen at a bar.

7.  A person wanted help changing a bandage.

8.  A person wanted help making breakfast.

9.  Someone was freaking out because their big toenail had come off.

10.  A woman had left a box of eggs open in the fridge overnight and wanted to make sure they were still safe to eat.

Here’s the Most Popular Valentine’s Day Candy in Every State

Valentine’s Day is one of the top CANDY holidays in this country.  You know, besides all of the other candy holidays.  We eat a lot of candy as a society.

Anyway, the website just analyzed their last 10 years of sales between January 1st and February 14th to figure out the most popular candies for Valentine’s Day.  And here’s what they found . . .

1.  Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates seemed to have a lock on the top spot as the most popular candy . . . but just last year, conversation hearts finally took over as number one.

2.  Conversation hearts are the best seller in 19 states and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are the best seller in 13 states.

3.  Chocolate roses are the third-most popular . . . they’re number one in five states.

4.  And Alabama is the only state where candy necklaces are the most popular Valentine’s Day candy.




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