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A Guy Gets Out of a Ticket Because the Cop Was Impressed He’d Balanced a Hot Dog on His Bumper?

  We’ve got a WEIRD story here, and there’s really only one lesson to take away from it:  If you want a shot at getting out of a ticket, maybe you should put some processed meat on your bumper.

A cop in Brown County, in central Texas, pulled over someone in a Chevy Silverado pickup truck a few weeks ago.  We don’t know the exact reason, just that it was something minor.

And when he went to get a closer look at the guy’s license plate, he noticed something he’d never seen before:  There was a HOT DOG on the guy’s back bumper, and a note taped above it that said “Free hot dog!”

The cop asked the guy about it, and the guy started laughing.  Apparently he’d put the hot dog there when he was having lunch and forgotten about it while he ran errands.  Then when people asked him about it, he added the “Free hot dog” sign.

But . . . he’d driven 120 miles on the highway between then and when the cop pulled him over.  And the hot dog wasn’t glued down or anything . . . somehow, it just stayed in place.

The cop figured that was a sign the guy was a careful driver, so he let him off with just a warning.

What Did Every State Google More Than Anyone Else Last Year?

Whenever we’re curious about basically anything at this point, we ask Google.  Which means they get a fascinating look into what’s REALLY on our minds.

A website called The Daily Dot just analyzed millions of searches from last year to figure out what the people in every state Googled more than anyone else.  And here are some of the highlights . . .

1.  Stuff related to the solar eclipse was big, especially the states in its path.  People in South Carolina searched for “eclipse glasses” . . . Arkansas searched for “eye damage from solar eclipses” . . . and Indiana wondered “what is a solar eclipse?”

2.  Colorado and North Carolina both had top searches related to Bill O’Reilly . . . Rhode Island and Missouri both searched for things related to Matt Lauer . . . and Nebraska searched for Harvey Weinstein accusers.

D.C. took a different approach to last year’s “Me Too” movement . . . the top search there was “What is sexual harassment?”

3.  And some states looked at totally frivolous things, including “giant penguin” in Michigan . . . “unicorn Frappuccino” in Washington . . . “Wonder Woman” in Utah . . . and “How to make a fidget spinner” in West Virginia.


Have You Ever Postponed a Breakup Because You Two Had a Great Trip Planned?

Here’s a tough question:  Would you still have fun on an incredible vacation to some place like Australia or Thailand or Bora Bora if you couldn’t STAND the person you were going with?

According to a new survey, 11% of people say they’ve postponed a breakup because they had a great trip planned with their significant other.

The survey also found 74% of people say they prioritize “experiences” over buying products or things.

And about one in four people say they’ve taken a vacation alone.


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