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The Most Googled Medical Symptoms in Every State . . . Including “Dark Green Stool” and “Uncircumcised Problems”

We all know we SHOULDN’T Google our symptoms when we’re feeling sick.  Whatever diagnosis it spits out is probably going to be wrong and totally freak you out.  But we ALL do it anyway.

A new study looked at the symptoms that people in every state Googled the most last year.  And while there are some boring ones, like “stress” and “sniffles” . . . here are seven states that really stand out . . .

1.  Wisconsin . . . “light colored poop.”

2.  Mississippi . . . “gas.”

3.  Idaho . . . “symptoms of E. coli.”

4.  Nebraska . . . “signs of low testosterone.”

5.  New Mexico . . . phlegm, but misspelled F-L-E-M.

6.  South Carolina . . . “dark green stool.”

7.  Indiana . . . “uncircumcised problems.”



A Wanted Criminal Posts on Facebook to See If He Can Get His Own Reward Money

I guess you can’t really blame this guy for trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of his crime.

The cops in Palmview, Texas had a warrant out last month for a 19-year-old guy named Brandon Diaz . . . he was wanted for felony theft for stealing about $3,000 worth of jewelry from a family member.

So a few weeks ago, they posted about him on their Crime Stoppers Facebook page, and they offered up a $1,000 reward for any tips that led to him getting arrested.

And BRANDON responded to the Facebook post asking, quote, “Can I get my own reward?”  Then he put three “laughing so hard I’m crying” emojis.

The cops responded to him, quote, “We will see you very soon” . . . and they did.  They caught Brandon last week . . . and even followed up on their Facebook post by putting up a picture of him cuffed in a police car.

He did not receive the reward.


Toothless Granny Takes On Home Intruder

WFTV claims a Titusville, Florida grandmother recently popped out her dentures before confronting a naked home intruder. Penelope Peterson opened her blinds expecting to see her cat. Instead, she saw a naked Axel Rivera. Peterson, who has worked in law enforcement, popped out her teeth and yelled; “Grandma no teeth!” Rivera is being held on $20,000 bail

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