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Choose The News 10/11/18

New Dating Term Alert: “Sneating” Is Going on Dates Just to Get Free Meals

It’s a good thing gender relations are so peaceful right now, which means no one’s going to get indignant over this.

Here’s the newest dating term for you:  SNEATING.  That’s when a woman goes on dates with guys JUST to get free meals.  Preferably at nice restaurants, because if you’re going to do something unethical, might as well go all the way with it.

There is one little aspect that makes such sneaky eating ever so slightly better.

According to the woman who coined the term, she won’t do it with guys, quote, “who I don’t think can afford to pay.”


A Couple Got So Drunk on Their Honeymoon They Bought the Hotel

  I’ve made PLENTY of bad choices while I was drunk.  But THIS is a new one . . .

A 33-year-old woman named Gina Lyons from London and her 35-year-old husband Mark Lee went on their honeymoon to Sri Lanka back in December.  And they LOVED the small hotel they were staying at.

But one night, while they were about 12 glasses of rum deep, they found out the hotel was going to shut down because the owners either couldn’t or wouldn’t make the lease payments.

And when Gina and Mark found out those payments were around $40,000 total for three years . . . they BOUGHT the hotel on the spot and signed a new three-year lease.

The problem is . . . it’s not like they’re rich.  Once they sobered up, they panicked over what they’d done . . . but a deal is a deal.

So they sunk in another $8,000 for some renovations and reopened the hotel in July.  They’re calling it Lucky Beach Tangalle, and they say, fortunately, business has been GREAT.

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