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Choose The News 10/15/18

Five Ways Autumn Can Kill You


We’re three weeks into fall, and apparently it’s a miracle we’re even here to talk about it.

Someone put together a list of ways autumn can KILL you.  Here are five you might not think about . . .

1.  Sun glare.  As the days get shorter, the sun is more likely to be right in your eyes during peak commute times in the fall.

2.  Wet leaves on the ground.  They get slippery and cause a lot of falls, and even some car crashes.  Plus, they can hide hazards on the road, like potholes.

3.  Deer.  Over 1.5 million Americans hit deer with their cars each year.  And almost half of those collisions happen in October, November, and December.

4.  Fireplaces.  They’re involved in about 23,000 house fires every year, and most of those fires happen in the fall.

5.  Burning candles.  There’s always an uptick in candle-related fires starting in October.  The bedroom, living room, and bathroom are the top three danger zones.  And a fifth of fatalities involve someone falling asleep with a candle burning.


A New Website Lets You Pay 99 Cents to See Who Else Paid 99 Cents

  I can’t tell if this is the dumbest website in the world or the most genius.  And maybe that’s the point.

There’s a new website called

And it’s simple:  It offers you the chance to pay 99 cents to see who else paid 99 cents.  That’s it.  A never-ending hall of mirrors filled with people paying to see who paid.

The website was created by a computer entertainment company in Brooklyn called Thinko, more as a viral stunt than an actual way to make money.

So how many people have done it?  The hell if we know, we’re not paying 99 cents to find out, out of principle.

But we know it’s in at least the hundreds, based on reports.  You want an exact answer?  You’ll have to pay 99 cents to get it


Girl Has 25 Middle Names

The Daily Mirror claims a 10 year-old girl from Wolverhampton, England has 25 middle names. Maria Brown loves boxing and says she named her daughter after some of the biggest boxing legends of all-time. “My dad used to follow the boxing which is why I was named after 25 boxing greats in the first place. He has been to a few countries to see fights. The tradition doesn’t stop with Willow, my other daughter, Autumn, 11, also has the same middle names.”

Willow Brown’s full name is Willow Sullivan Corbett Fitzsimmons Jefferies Hart Burns Johnson Willard Dempsey Tunney Schmeling Sharkey Carnera Baer Braddock Louis Charles Walcott Marciano Patterson Johansson Liston Clay Frazier Fareman Taylor-Brown
Maria tells the paper

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