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Choose The News 10/22/18

Someone Stole a Giant Inflatable Replica of the Human Colon, and the Doctors Want It Back


I’m pretty sure this gets the award for the STRANGEST thing someone’s stolen in 2018:  Last week, someone in Kansas City, Missouri stole a GIANT INFLATABLE COLON.

Yes, it’s a 10-foot, 150-pound, pink inflatable replica of the human colon, and it belongs to a nonprofit called the Colon Cancer Coalition out of Minnesota.

They ship it around the country to cancer walks and other events to help get people talking about colon cancer.

Well . . . it was in Kansas City for a walk-run this past weekend, and someone from the University of Kansas Cancer Center left it in the back of their pickup truck last week.

It was deflated, obviously . . . and a thief took it.

The officials at the University of Kansas are hoping that once the thief realizes what it is, they’ll return it.  Until then, the cops are out hunting for the colon.



Woman Returns Home To Find Burglar Making Eggs

The NY Post claims Mary Royster, of Athens, Alabama, recently received the shock of her life when she came home and found a burglar making himself breakfast, bathing and washing his clothes. Tyler Love told Mary he wasn’t leaving until his clothes were dry. She called the police before he was charged with burglary.



“Nose Warmers” are Ridiculous, Small Winter Hats For Your Nose

 How DUMB are you willing to look to stay warm this winter?

There’s a product going viral right now called the Nose Warmer.  And basically, it’s like a small winter hat for your NOSE.  You put it on your nose, so it looks like a BEAK, and then tie the straps around the back of your head.

It WILL keep your nose warm.  You WILL look ridiculous in the process.

The Nose Warmers were invented by a woman named Sally Steel-Jones in England, and she sells them on her website in a bunch of different styles, including fleece, faux fur, wool, leopard print, and more.

If you want one, you can get it at, and it looks like it’ll be about $13 to get one here including shipping.


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