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Choose The News 10/23/18

“Did I Lock the Front Door” Is the #1 Thought That Instantly Stresses Us Out


Do you ever leave the house and have a sinking feeling you left something on?  Like the oven, or your curling iron?  A new survey found 80% of us have turned around and gone back to double-check.

According to the survey, here are the Top 10 nagging questions that can instantly stress us out.  And most of them have to do with forgetting stuff at home . . .

1.  “Did I lock the front door?”

2.  “Do I have my phone?”

3.  “Do I have my keys?”

4.  “Do we have anything to make for dinner?”

5.  “Did I leave a window open?”

6.  “Did I leave a light on?”

7.  “Did I lock the car?”

8.  “Did I SHUT the front door?”

9.  “Did I leave the stove or oven on?”

10.  “Did I remember to turn off the heat or the A/C?”  A few more from the top 25 include, “Did I leave the curling iron on?” . . . “Did I close the fridge?” . . . “Did I remember to pay that bill?” . . . and, “Did I make sure the cat is in?”


The Top 10 Websites That Shaped the Internet as We Know It

It’s hard to believe that like 25 years ago, most of us had never used the Internet.  I still remember the first time I opened up Netscape on a computer and went to and my mind EXPLODED.

But now that we live our lives on the Internet and use it for literally everything, the website decided to rank the 100 websites that shaped the Internet as we know it today.

Here are their top 10:  Wikipedia . . . Google . . . YouTube . . . The Onion . . . the Internet Archive . . . Twitter . . . Netflix . . . Reddit . . . eBay . . . and MySpace.

And here’s how some other big websites finished:  Craigslist is 12th . . . PornHub 13th . . . Amazon 17th . . . Facebook 19th . . . Yahoo 26th . . . MapQuest 30th . . . LinkedIn 63rd . . . Pandora 74th . . . and Friendster 84th.


Gum-Chewer Disrupts Symphony

The Washington Post claims a brawl recently broke out at a Swedish symphony performance after a woman loudly unwrapped a pack of gum. The man seated next to her grabbed the gum and tossed it to the ground before she slapped him and knocked his glasses off.

The concert venue’s Twitter page read; “Everyone thinks it’s great to sit on a hockey or soccer game and drink a beer or coffee and have some snacks. The tempo is high and [so is] the volume, so you do not disturb anyone. However, in a concert hall with world-class acoustics, it is not suitable to bring rustling bags of crisps.”


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