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Here Are the Eight Key Elements of Throwing a Party That People Won’t Leave in 20 Minutes

According to a new survey, when you throw a party, you have 20 minutes or less to impress someone or they’re going to leave.  We’re all so lucky to have such good friends.

So if you want to throw a good party that actually makes people want to STAY, here’s what you need to do.  The survey found the eight key elements of throwing a good party . . . check ’em out.

1.  Offer someone a drink in under eight minutes.

2.  Talk to your guests within eight minutes of them getting there.

3.  Offer someone a snack in less than 10 minutes.

4.  Offer a drink refill within 20 minutes.

5.  Don’t talk about politics or money.

6.  Talk about TV shows, movies, or food.

7.  Don’t ask people to take their shoes off.

8.  And make sure the party will look good in Instagram photos.


Captain America Marrying Today

The Journal Star claims a Pekin, Illinois man, named Captain America, is planning to marry Amanda Gosnell today at the Tazewell County Courthouse. Captain America plans to wear a nice shirt and pants instead of the traditional Captain America costume. Mark Anderson changed his name because he planned to run for office and thought his name would be catchy. He tells the paper that he paid $250 to change it. Mark may change his name again to Captain Live Forever America.


An Ice Cream Shop Has Created Halloween Ice Creams Made Out of Blood and Insects


Remember when we were young and innocent kids, and a Halloween ice cream flavor meant vanilla ice cream with like four different kinds of candy swirled in it?  Times have changed, man.

There’s a fancy ice cream chain on the west coast called Salt & Straw.  And they just created two new ice cream flavors for Halloween:  One that’s made with BLOOD . . . and one that’s made with INSECTS.

The blood flavor uses actual pig’s blood mixed in with a spiced ice cream.  The insect flavor uses chocolate-covered crickets and mealworms mixed into a green tea ice cream.

If you want them, you can actually order pints from Salt & Straw’s website starting on Friday.



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