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“Sleeping on It” Really Does Help You Make a Better Decision

The next time you’re staring down a huge decision that could change your life forever, here’s what you should do:  NAP.  Yeah, even if you’re at work, I guess . . . I’m sure your boss won’t mind.

According to a new study out of England, “sleeping on it” before you make a big decision really does work.

The researchers found that when people took 90-minute naps, it actually helped their brains get organized and clearer . . . which helps you make a smarter choice.


American Airlines’ CEO Says Their New, Extra Cramped Seats Are “Much More Comfortable”

I’ve literally never quoted Judge Judy before in my life, and I’m never going to do it again, but I have to right now:  Don’t pee on my leg and tell me that it’s raining.

American Airlines has been reworking their seats and reducing the amount of space in between the rows from 31 inches to 30.  That way they can jam in a whole extra row.

That sounds awful for all of us, since it really feels like there wasn’t an inch of legroom to spare.  But not according to Doug Parker, the CEO of American Airlines.

He says he flew coach on one of those planes and it’s, quote, “much more comfortable . . . it feels like a much better product.”  How dumb does he think we are?


Meth Head Blames Drugs On Ghost

The Smoking Gun claims the West Monroem Louisiana police recently arrested Michael Auttonberry for drug possession. The 59 year-old called 911 and claimed an intruder stabbed him. When cops arrived, they didn’t find any intruders or any injuries on Michael. Officers did find meth on his nightstand. Michael told them that a ghost placed it there. He was charged with felony possession.

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