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Choose the news 10/06/17

A Woman Just Sued Junior Mints For Underfilling Their Boxes

  You know when you buy a huge box of candy at the movie theater, then you open it and you’re super bummed to find out it’s half empty?  Yeah . . . someone is FINALLY taking a stand against that.

A woman named Biola Daniel from New York City just filed a federal lawsuit against Tootsie Roll Industries because she says they’re intentionally underfilling their boxes of Junior Mints.

Biola says she bought a box of Junior Mints last month and found it was 43% AIR inside.  And when she compared it with other candies, Milk Duds boxes were only 23% air and Good & Plenty boxes were 12% air.

Quote, “Competitors’ product boxes are similar in size . . . yet contain far more candy.  This demonstrates that it is possible to fit a greater quantity of candy into the defendant’s boxes.”

Biola filed this as a class-action lawsuit, so she’s hoping other people will join . . . and she’s hoping anyone who’s been wronged by half-empty Junior Mints boxes will get at least $50.

A Company Called Dong Energy Has Finally Decided to Change Its Name


There’s a company in New Bedford, Massachusetts called DONG Energy.  They’ve been around since 1920, and they’ve finally decided to change their name.  But allegedly it’s not because of the immature reason we’re all thinking of.  Sure, guys.

“DONG” stands for “Danish Oil and Natural Gas.”  But they’re changing their focus to green energy, so they feel flaccid and exposed having the name Dong just flopping around out there . . . because it doesn’t fit their business anymore.

The new name they’ve proposed to their shareholders is “Orsted,” which is the last name of a Danish scientist who discovered electromagnetism.

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