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Choose the news 10/18/17

Chili Pepper Snickers Are Coming Out Next Year

Do nougat and chili peppers mix?  Apparently someone thinks so.

Snickers just announced three new flavors:  Chili pepper . . . salted caramel . . . and espresso.  And in all three cases, the bars will still have chocolate, caramel, and peanuts . . . with special nougat that’s, quote, “infused” with the flavor.

They’re not going on sale until next June, though.

A Restaurant Is Caught Serving Popeyes Chicken as Their Own . . . and They’re Proud of It?

  There’s a restaurant in Long Beach, California called Sweet Dixie Kitchen, and they get pretty good Yelp reviews.  At least . . . until last week.

That’s when a guy named Tyler was eating there and he realized the fried chicken they were serving him tasted JUST like the chicken from POPEYES.  And when he confronted them about it, his waiter admitted that they bring in the chicken from there.

He felt ripped off, considering that they sell their chicken sandwich for $12.50, which is a LOT more than Popeyes, so he posted about it on Yelp.

And when Sweet Dixie Kitchen responded, they didn’t deny it . . . they actually BRAGGED about it.  Quote, “We PROUDLY SERVE Popeyes spicy tenders . . . it has always been our goal to feature local food and guest chefs here.”

And yesterday, the owner tried to clarify on Facebook.  Basically, she said that most of the stuff at every restaurant is brought in . . . like, they don’t have their own chickens laying eggs for egg dishes, or cows making milk to use for cream.

Quote, “We will continue our business the same way we have always done, honest that we make nearly all from scratch . . . and when we can’t, we’ll use the second-best thing available to us.”

Have You Ever Flossed With a Piece of Paper? How About Your Hair?

I thought people hated flossing.  But apparently some of you lunatics are SO desperate to do it that if you don’t have floss on hand, you’ll turn into MacGyver to make it happen.

A new survey found that people have used plenty of things that AREN’T floss to get food out from between their teeth.  Check this out . . .

1.  61% have used fingernails.

2.  40% have used a folded piece of paper or a card.

3.  21% have used a fork, a knife, or a spoon.

4.  14% have used a safety pin.

5.  And 7% have used a strand of hair.

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