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Choose the news 10/25/17

The Average Couple Argues 19 Times a Month

  This isn’t good . . . apparently your odds of getting into an ARGUMENT with your significant other on any given day are better than 50-50.

According to a new survey, the average couple argues 19 times a month.

Couples in Delaware argue the most . . . an incredible 73 times per month.  Gotta find SOMETHING to pass the time in Delaware, I guess?

The other states where couples argue a ton are Rhode Island and Hawaii, at 47 arguments a month . . . Vermont, at 39 . . . and Wyoming, at 34.

The states where couples argue the least are Alaska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Maine, and West Virginia, all of which averaged nine fights a month.

Mega Millions Tickets Are Doubling in Price, From $1 to $2

Here’s good news and bad news.  The good news?  We’re probably going to see more of those BILLION-DOLLAR lottery jackpots soon.  The bad news?  If somehow you DON’T win, you’re going to be out more money than before.

Mega Millions just announced that they’re going to be doubling the cost of their tickets from $1 to $2 as of Saturday.  That will make for bigger jackpots . . . which is what they want, since big numbers drive people to buy tickets.

And they have another strategy for making the payouts bigger . . . they’re also going to make it tougher to win.  The odds of winning will jump from one in 258.9 million to one in 302.6 million.

That gives it worse odds than the Powerball, which is Mega Millions’ big competitor.  Your odds of winning the Powerball are one in 292.2 million.

Powerball raised its ticket prices to $2 a few years back . . . and since then, they’ve usually had bigger jackpots than Mega Millions and sold way more tickets.

Officers Chase Down Suspected Poachers in a Cemetery . . . and Find Out They’re Actually Ghostbusters

This is the season where people do WEIRD things, man.

Two officers from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources were out patrolling for deer poachers in Duluth, Minnesota on Saturday night when they saw two people with bright lights in a cemetery.

They’d gotten some reports of people illegally shining lights looking for deer in the area, so the officers SWARMED . . . and the suspects took off.

But when the officers finally tracked them down, they found out they weren’t poachers.  No . . . they were two women in their late 30s who were GHOSTBUSTERS.

The women admitted they were looking for ghosts in the cemetery . . . and they ran because they didn’t want the officers to MOCK them.  So now, instead, people all over the world are mocking them.

They wound up getting off without a ticket.

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