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A Unique Costume Is More Likely to Get You a Date Than a Sexy One, Plus Three More Halloween Stats

 “The New York Post” did a story this week that said we should all start being ADULTS, and stop dressing up for Halloween.  And it might be more of a wedge issue than we thought . . .

A new survey asked people if they’re planning to dress up this year, and it’s basically a 50/50 split.  Here are four stats from the survey . . .

1.  51% of us are interested in wearing a costume this year.  So almost half of us AREN’T.  16% are also planning to put their PET in a costume.

2.  40% of people who are dressing up will start pulling their costume together by next week at the latest.  Almost half of those people said they’ve already started.

3.  The three most popular themes this year are funny costumes, unique costumes, and sexy costumes.  Yes, funny costumes are the most popular.

4.  But if you’re trying to HOOK UP on Halloween, a UNIQUE costume might be better than a sexy one.  27% of people said a one-of-a-kind costume would make the best impression.  Sexy costumes and funny costumes each got 20% of the vote.


A 67-Year-Old Stabbed His Grandson in the Arm Over a Donut

  Older people always act like raising kids shouldn’t be so hard.  But being a grandparent is a lot easier than being a parent.  Switch places for a few days, and see how well THEY handle parenting in 2017.  Hopefully better than this guy . . .

67-year-old Jose Ortega was hanging out with his 12-year-old grandson on Tuesday morning in Raytown, Missouri, just outside Kansas City.

They’d gotten some donuts for breakfast, and Jose wanted one.  But when he asked his grandson to get one for him, the kid said NO.  Apparently he was just being a brat.

So Jose LOST IT . . . grabbed a KNIFE . . . and ended up stabbing the kid in the ARM.

His grandson ran to a neighbor’s house, and they called the cops.  Luckily he’ll be okayJose told police that’s he’s sorry for what he did, but that his grandson was being very disrespectful and he just “snapped.”

He’s facing charges for first-degree domestic assault, and armed criminal action.

(Kansas City Star)


A Man’s Wife Yells at Him For Buying Too Many Lottery Scratchers . . . Then He Wins $1 Million

See, this is why you should NEVER listen to your wife.

A guy named Hermenegildo Beltran-Meza from Placerville, in northern California, got into an argument with his wife recently.  She was mad that he was spending so much money on scratch-off lottery tickets.

But like any good gambling addict, he kept on buying the tickets . . . and he’d hide in the bathroom to scratch them off.

And then, last month . . . one of his tickets HIT and he won a $1 MILLION jackpot.

So, he says, he got the courage to walk out of the bathroom and tell his wife.

There’s no word on how she reacted, but they did say they’re planning to put the money toward their retirement.


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