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Choose The News 11/15/18

Falling in Love Is Good For Your Anxiety, Blood Pressure, and More


If 287 Hallmark original movies have taught me anything, it’s that THIS is the time of year when people fall in love.  And most of the time they fall in love with Lacey Chabert.

And that’s good news . . . because a new study found some new ways that falling in love is GREAT for you.

The researchers found that when you fall in love, it’s the result of TWELVE different parts of your brain working together.  And with that much of your brain involved, it’s going to be releasing lots of good chemicals, which leads to these results . . .

1.  Less anxiety.

2.  Lower blood pressure.

3.  A better immune system and ability to fight off infections.

4.  A higher pain threshold.

5.  And milder allergic reactions.


Here Are the Stores Offering the Best and Worst Deals on Black Friday


The reason we shop on Black Friday is for deals.  Or because we have a fetish of getting punched in the face over a child’s toy.

By now, pretty much every store’s Black Friday ad has leaked.  So the website analyzed them and figured out the average discount that every store is offering.


The average discount is 37% off across all stores, which is down from 40.2% just three years ago.  But it’s just about the same as last year.

The department store chain Belk has the best average discount this year, at 68.9%.

The other stores with an average over 50% off are:  JCPenney . . . Stage . . . Kohl’s . . . New York & Company . . . and Payless.

The store with the worst discount is . . . True Value hardware stores, at just 16.3%.

The other stores with an average discount under 25% are:  Gander Outdoors . . . Ace Hardware . . . Sam’s Club . . . Big Lots . . . and Harbor Freight.


Drunk Raccoons Taken Into Custody

NBC claims Milton, West Virginia residents recently called the police about several rabid raccoons. The raccoons were staggering around and acting weird before residents called for help. Police caught the raccoons and determined that they were drunk on crabapples. The beasts were allowed to sober up before being released into the wild

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