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Choose the news 11/08/17

A Fashion Company Is Selling a $736 Dress That Looks Like a Plastic Dry Cleaning Bag

There’s been a lot of DUMB FASHION this year.  We’ve heard about things like socks and sandals at a Louis Vuitton show . . . a $2,100 Calvin Klein sweater that’s just sleeves . . . and jeans with a butt crack zipper.  And this is JUST as good.

The clothing brand Moschino just started selling a dress that looks like a DRY CLEANING BAG.  The shoulders look like a dry cleaner’s hanger that says “We Love Our Customers,” and the dress itself is see-through like a plastic bag.

If for some reason you want it, it’ll run you $736.  Ironically, the washing instructions say that you shouldn’t have it dry cleaned.


A Suspect Gets Out of a Police Interrogation Thanks to His Loud Flatulence

So the police arrest you.  You’re a suspect in a major case.  The interrogation is intense, the detectives are really hammering you, and you know if they just stop, they don’t have enough on you and you could walk.  What do you do?

You do this.  You.  Do.  This.

A 24-year-old guy named Sean Sykes from Kansas City, Missouri was pulled over back in September and the cops found drugs and stolen guns in a backpack inside his car.  The cops took him in for questioning, and Sean swore they weren’t his.

But the cops kept persisting, and Sean finally got them to stop . . . with his FLATULENCE.  Or, as the OFFICIAL police report put it, quote, “Mr. Sykes released a loud fart.  Mr. Sykes continued to be flatulent and I ended the interview.”

The cops let him go without charging him, which is kind of amazing . . . and pretty much ALL thanks to his flatulence.

Unfortunately for Sean, he got pulled over again a few days ago, and the cops found more drugs and more guns.  And this time, he couldn’t stink bomb his way out of it. He was hit with several drug and weapons charges.


Should You Drive Someone to the Hospital, or Wait for An Ambulance?

If someone needs to get to a hospital, is it better to drive them yourself, or wait for an ambulance?  A recent study looked into it, and it depends on the emergency . . .

If it’s something like a heart attack, then waiting for an ambulance is probably better because you can give them CPR while you wait.  And they’ll get CPR on the way.

It also makes sense with something like a neck injury, because you don’t want to move them.  Keep them still and wait for paramedics so you don’t make things worse.

But the study did find two types of injures where it doesn’t make sense to wait.  If someone’s been STABBED or SHOT, you should drive them to the hospital yourself.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that gunshot victims are 55% more likely to survive if someone drives them to the hospital instead of waiting for an ambulance.  And stabbing victims are 68% more likely to survive.

They think it’s because EMTs can’t do much to treat “penetrating” injuries like that.  You just need to get to a hospital.  And you’ll usually get there faster if someone drives you.

Obviously most of us will never have to deal with an injury like that.  But the same thing could also apply to any sort of accident where there’s a major “penetrating” injury.  If moving the person won’t put them at risk, then driving them might be the way to go.




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