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If You Really Want to Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner, Make Sure to Eat a Lot of . . . Salad?

According to experts, if you really want to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, the food you should make sure to eat a lot of is . . . salad?  Wait, that doesn’t sound right.

Here’s why.  All of the Thanksgiving foods are very RICH and usually salty and creamy.  So if that’s all you’re eating, eventually your mouth is going to get bored with those flavors and you’ll stop eating . . . even before you’re stuffed, God forbid.

But if you mix in some salad, it balances things out, and it’ll refresh your mouth so you can enjoy more of the other stuff.  Now you know.

Florida Couple Says They Found Dead Frog In Waffle House Water Glass

“What the hell?” is how the waitress reacted.

This would make anyone hopping mad.

A Florida couple says they discovered a dead frog in one of their water glasses earlier this month when they sat down for a meal at a Tallahassee Waffle House, local station WCTV reported Thursday.

Claire Sheats says her husband sipped some ice water before he noticed the frog floating in the cup. They immediately filmed a video showing the frog in the glass before pouring it out onto the table and calling over the waitress.

The employee isn’t seen in the video, but her reaction ― “What the hell?” ― can definitely be heard.

Sheats said she and her husband left without eating the meal they ordered, and that she filed complaints with state health inspectors and Waffle House corporate officials.

The Waffle House location passed a later inspection, though the restaurant was cited for 11 violations, according to records from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation obtained by the station. The inspection report did not mention the frog incident.

Waffle House spokesman Pat Warner issued a statement saying the company is investigating Sheats’ claim.

The Seven Holidays Where You’re Most Likely to Conceive a Baby . . . and Thanksgiving Is Number One

I’m not sure exactly who feels sexy after consuming 16 pounds of food and an entire gallon of gravy, but apparently that’s doin’ it for LOTS of people.

A new survey found the seven holidays where we’re most likely to CONCEIVE A BABY, and Thanksgiving is number one.  And if you’ve got a birthday in August or early September, your parents just might’ve contributed to that statistic.

Here are the seven holidays where we’re getting our procreation on . . .

1.  Thanksgiving.  17.7% of couples who conceived on a holiday did it on Thanksgiving.

2.  Valentine’s Day, 17.3%.

3.  Christmas, 14.7%.

4.  Fourth of July, 13.9%.

5.  Halloween, 13%.

6.  Memorial Day, 12.1%.

7.  New Year’s Eve, 11.3%.

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