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Choose the news 11/27/17

Someone on Facebook Is Selling a “Slightly Used” Coffin

  I always thought the worst thing you could buy used is UNDERWEAR.  I was wrong.  THIS is indisputably worse.

A guy named Kyng Major in McComb, Mississippi just posted an item for sale on Facebook . . . a “slightly used” coffin.

That’s right.  He says it was buried for three years but they, quote, “just pulled [it] back up because we decided to go a different route.”  I guess that means they took the person out of it and cremated them?  I HOPE that’s what that means.

Anyway, he’s asking for $200 for the coffin.  As far as we know he hasn’t had any offers yet.


You Shouldn’t Eat Your Food If a Fly Lands on It?

  It’s late November but we’re ALREADY trying to ruin your picnics and barbecues next summer.  You’re welcome.

According to a new study out of Penn State University, if you’re eating something and a FLY lands on it, you shouldn’t do what you usually do . . . brush the fly away and keep eating.  You should throw the food out.

The researchers found that flies actually have the potential to carry around MUCH more dangerous bacteria than we thought, including things like salmonella and E. coli.

They even think that flies might be behind some disease outbreaks, especially flies in urban areas.

Quote, “People had some notion that there were pathogens that were carried by flies, but had no idea of the extent to which this is true . . . [you should] think twice about eating that potato salad that’s been sitting out at your next picnic.”


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