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Choose the news 11/28/17

Upside-Down Christmas Trees Are Becoming a Big Trend This Year

Feel like the entire world is turned upside-down?  Why not let your Christmas tree make that metaphor.

Apparently, UPSIDE-DOWN CHRISTMAS TREES are trendy this year.

You can either mount your tree to the ceiling so it hangs, or buy an artificial tree that’s designed to stand upside-down.  Pretty much every store sells them now, from Home Depot to Target.

So what’s the point?  Well, if you’re into serious religious symbolism, the upside-down tree is big in central and Eastern Europe because people think it resembles the shape of Jesus on the cross.

Or if you’re more into aesthetics, the upside-down tree shows off your ornaments better, because they’re dangling into the air, not being covered up by thicker branches underneath.

Radio Is the Most Trusted Source For News, Obviously

Cable news has gone so far off the deep end that it’s impossible to believe a word they say.  Social media has been so infiltrated by clickbait and Russian bots that the news you see there is somehow even less reliable.

So who CAN you trust?  Me.  You can trust me.

According to a new survey, radio is THE most trusted news source.  77% of people say you can believe that when we give you news, it’s accurate and reliable.

Somehow TV came in second, at 74% . . . newspapers are third, at 48% . . . news websites and apps are fourth, at 45% . . . and social media is last, at 15%.’s Word of the Year Is “Complicit” just released their Word of the Year for 2017.  They’re the second place to reveal their pick . . . Collins Dictionary announced their choice a few weeks ago.

And, like you’d expect, we’re two-for-two on words related to the current political situation in this country.

Collins Dictionary went with “fake news.”  And now’s Word of the Year is . . . “complicit.”  The definition is, quote, “Choosing to be involved in an illegal or questionable act, especially with others.”

They say the searches for complicit have had three jumps this year:

Once after an “SNL” sketch with a commercial parody advertising a perfume by Ivanka Trump called “Complicit” . . . once when Ivanka said she didn’t know what it meant to be “complicit” . . .

And once after Senator Jeff Flake announced he wouldn’t be running for another term because he didn’t want to be complicit with what the president is doing.


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