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The “Why Do?” Question That’s Googled the Most in Every State


Apparently Google has become more than just a basic search engine . . . it’s now where we go for EVERY question we have, no matter how PERSONAL it might be.  You know Google keeps records on all of us, right?

AT&T just did a study on what “Why do?” question people Google the most in every state.  Here are some of the highlights . . .

1.  “Why do my boobs hurt?” is the top question in Indiana and Colorado.  And on a sort of similar note, people in Idaho and Ohio are curious “Why do men have nipples?”

2.  The biggest question on people’s minds in New York is “Why do feet smell?”

3.  The top question in South Carolina and D.C. is “Why do I sweat so much?”

4.  “Why do I feel so alone?” is the top question in Florida . . . and in Georgia, people are wondering, “Why do you love me?”

5.  And finally, the biggest question in Michigan is, “Why do I have diarrhea?”

(Mental Floss


(Here are the results for every state.)



The Sexiest Food You Can Mention Is Guacamole . . . the Least Sexy are Yams

Repeat after me:  “No, we didn’t eat yams at Thanksgiving.  My family actually had guacamole.”  I just made you like 200% more attractive.  You’re welcome. just did a study to figure out the sexiest FOODS you can mention in your online dating profile.  Here’s what they found . . .

1.  There are six foods you can mention that will lead to at least 90% more messages:  Guacamole . . . potatoes . . . chocolate . . . salad . . . sushi . . . and avocado.

2.  There are only two foods that will really tank your profile.  People who mention yams get 70% fewer messages . . . and people who mention fried chicken get 15% fewer.

3.  When it comes to overall food groups, protein and fruit are the sexiest ones to mention . . . and dairy is least sexy.

4.  And finally, after all that food talk, if you decide to go to a fast food joint for your first date, 59% of women and 25% of men say it’s a turn-off . . . and 10% of women and 3% of men say it’s a flat-out dealbreaker.


85% of Dog Owners Say Their Dog Helps Them Get Through the Holidays

In a new survey, 85% of dog owners said their dog helps them get through the holidays without going nuts.  40% have taken their dog for a walk to get away from family.  And 43% are more excited to see their family dog than they are to see relatives.

The top three ways we include our dogs during the holidays are by giving them special treats . . . getting them their own stocking . . . and including them in a holiday photo shoot.  And 80% of dog owners plan to buy their dog a gift this year.

Dogs and Christmas don’t always go well together though.  30% said their dog has destroy a gift or decoration in the past.  And 29% said their dog has either knocked over their Christmas tree, or peed on it.


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