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Choose the news 12/11/17

The Average American Spends $70,000 on Takeout During Their Life

 This is a huge number, but you just know some people spend five times this much . . .

According to a new study, the average American spends $1,175 a year ordering takeout and delivery . . . which works out to about $70,000 in their lifetime.  If you spend more than $100 a month on delivery, it might be more than that.

Here are five more stats about our food delivery habits . . .

1.  82% of people said they order food at least twice a month.  Only 4% said they never order delivery.

2.  47% of us feel like we order food too much.  And 52% feel guilty about it.

3.  The top three reasons for ordering food are you’re craving something specific . . . you’re too LAZY to cook . . . and you don’t have time.

4.  18% say they’re worse at cooking than they used to be because of ordering too much food.

5.  The most popular thing we order is pizza, which isn’t surprising.  The rest of the top five are French fries, burgers, fried rice, and egg rolls.


61% of People Worldwide Believe in Aliens

Well, if aliens ever DO come down and attack Earth, at least most people will be like, “Yep, I knew this was coming.”

A new survey asked over 26,000 people in 24 different countries whether they think aliens are out there in the universe . . . and 61% say YES.  Another 22% say they aren’t sure . . . and only 17% say they definitely think we’re alone.

Americans are the fourth-most likely to believe in aliens . . . after Russians, Mexicans, and the Chinese.  People in the Netherlands, Indonesia, and Turkey are the least likely to believe.

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