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Five Weird Things Cold Weather Does to Your Body

  We’re heading into December, so here’s a list of five weird things that cold weather can do to your body . . .

1.  You burn more calories.  Not enough to make a noticeable difference when it comes to your weight.  But just being cold increases your metabolism and burns more energy.

2.  Your fingers shrink.  Cold weather constricts blood vessels in places like your hands and feet to keep your core temperature up.  So if you wear a wedding ring, you might even notice it’s slightly looser this time of year than it is in the summer.

3.  It can affect your vision.  Sunlight bouncing off snow can mess with your eyes, just like staring at the sun can.  And it’s rare, but just being out in the cold too long can freeze your corneas, which can lead to blurred vision and light sensitivity.

4.  Your heart attack risk could be higher.  Your heart has to work harder to pump blood when you’re cold, so it’s more susceptible to a heart attack.  It mostly applies to older people though.

5.  Your face gets red.  Your body has to redirect more blood to your vital organs when you’re cold.  Then when you warm up, all that blood rushes back to your skin, which is what makes your face and neck suddenly look flushed.

J.C. Penney Is Opening a Pop-Up Shop Called “Jacques Penne”

J.C. Penney knows people don’t think of it as a place where you go for fancy designer clothes or expensive, well, anything.  But THEY think they’ve got pretty nice stuff, and they’ve figured out a smart, kind of self-deprecating way to show it off.

They’re opening a boutique pop-up shop in New York City on Friday and Saturday called “Jacques Penne.”  It’ll be filled with a lot of their nicest stuff, and it won’t say “J.C. Penney” anywhere.

Now, they’re not expecting to fool anyone, but they’re hoping that maybe when you see their stuff laid out nicely, looking all trendy and expensive, you’ll start thinking of the brand differently.

80% of People Think Their Boss Is Totally Unnecessary

If your boss suddenly vanished, how would it affect your work?  If your answer is, “Um, not at all” . . . well, congratulations, you’re just like everyone else.

According to a new survey, 80% of people say their boss is, quote, “unnecessary.”

And this might be the reason why:  The survey also found that less than half of bosses have ever received any management training.

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