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The 10 Worst Christmas Presents You Can Get

 Is there anyone in your family who always gives TERRIBLE Christmas presents?  According to a new survey, bad gifts are most likely to come from your IN-LAWS.  Your co-workers are a close second.

Here are the ten WORST Christmas presents people said you can get . . .

1.  Ugly clothing.

2.  A toiletry kit.

3.  Bath salts or a bottle of bubble bath.

4.  Socks.

5.  T-shirts with funny, clever, or inspirational sayings on them.

6.  A movie you’ve already seen.

7.  Candles.

8.  A handkerchief.

9.  A scarf.

10.  Soap on a rope.

Overall, people said their significant other gives the BEST gifts, followed by their kids.  And even though ugly clothes are the WORST thing you can get, the survey found clothing you actually like is one of the best.

JetBlue Is Giving Three People Unlimited Free Flights Next Year

JetBlue just announced that they’re running a hell of a contest over the next few weeks.

Anyone who buys a JetBlue ticket between now and the 15th, which is a week from Friday, is automatically entered in a contest where three people will win UNLIMITED free flights for all of 2018.

You’ll still have to pay the taxes and fees, and you can only take one flight a day . . . but still, it’s a crazy deal.  And it’ll finally let you fly to all those exotic JetBlue destinations you’ve always dreamed of, like Syracuse, New York and Sarasota, Florida.

A Woman Does Yoga on a Tree Branch Over a River, and It Doesn’t End Well

This happened last spring but it’s going around now.  A woman in Colorado tried to do a yoga pose on a tree branch over a river, but fell into the water and was swept away.  She just posted an update a couple of days ago to let everyone know she’s fine.

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