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Choose the news 12/7/17

Starbucks Has a New Christmas Tree Frappuccino on Sale Today

Looks like we’re getting one final Starbucks drink for 2017 that looks great in photos but just might taste like ice cold garbage.

The new Christmas Tree Frappuccino is going on sale today, and it’ll be available through Monday.

So what is it?  It’s a pink peppermint mocha cream Frappuccino with a green tea whipped cream on top.

And that whipped cream has a caramel drizzle as the garland, candied cranberries as the ornaments, and a strawberry on top as the star.

It looks nice in their promotional pictures, but just keep in mind it mixes the following flavors together:  Peppermint, chocolate, cream, green tea, caramel, cranberries, and strawberry.  So, um, enjoy?

Arby’s Is Testing a New Sandwich That Uses Curly Fries as a Topping

I feel like putting Arby’s curly fries on one of their roast beef sandwiches would be delicious.  But I guess I’m just too lazy to lift the bun and put the fries there myself.  So THANK YOU, Arby’s, for hooking me up.

Apparently, Arby’s just started testing a new sandwich called the ARBYNATOR, that features roast beef, cheddar cheese sauce, and curly fries all on a bun.

For now, they’ve only been spotted in Holland, Michigan . . . so there’s no word on when they could go nationwide.  But again, if you REALLY want one now, you can assemble one yourself with like three seconds of work.

A Service Dog Interrupted a Broadway Performance of “Cats”

This is so poetic you couldn’t even make it up.

Someone took their service dog to a performance of “Cats” on Broadway earlier this week.

But during the opening number, the dog got away . . . and started chasing one of the cats.  Yes, one of the humans dressed as a cat.

The dog was specifically going after the character Bombalurina, who was played by an actress named Mackenzie Warren.  Fortunately, an usher grabbed the dog and took it back to its owner before it actually caught the cat.

A spokesperson from “Cats” said, quote, “In [our] storied history, this is the first time one of the actual cats was involved in an incident with a dog.”

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