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We Unlock Our Phones For No Reason Almost 4,000 Times a Year

Do you ever find yourself picking up your phone and unlocking the screen, even though you didn’t get an alert that you have a new message and you don’t have any particular reason to use your phone at that moment?

Yeah, we all do that . . . A LOT.  According to a new study, the average person unlocks their phone for no reason 10 or 11 times a day.  That adds up to almost 4,000 times a year.

And if you assume each time you do it you burn about a minute, that’s 67 hours a year where you’re literally just wasting time aimlessly playing with your phone.

The Most Popular Dog Names From 2017

I’m looking at a list of the top DOG NAMES from this year and it’s not that different than a list of the top baby names.  I guess all names haven’t just become unisex . . . they’ve become unispecies.

Here are the 10 most popular female dog names this year, according to  Bella . . . Lucy . . . Daisy . . . Luna . . . Lola . . . Sadie . . . Molly . . . Maggie . . . Bailey . . . and Sophie.

And the 10 most popular male dog names are:  Max . . . Charlie . . . Cooper . . . Buddy . . . Jack . . . Rocky . . . Oliver . . . Bear . . . Duke . . . and Tucker.

The study also found that 53% of people say their dog’s name was inspired by something in pop culture, including characters from movies, TV shows, and books . . . or celebrities.

And 3% of dogs were named after 1990s pop culture, including names like Nirvana, Daria, Buffy, Ginger, Baby, Sporty, Posh, and Scary.

Facebook ‘Did You Know’ tool helps you get to know your friends better

After acquiring anonymous polling app TBH earlier this year, Facebook is now beginning to integrate a remix of the app’s features directly into the social media platform. On Tuesday, December 6, Facebook added a new “Did You Know” sectionto profiles, allowing users to answer random questions to help followers get an idea of who you are beyond the typical profile.

While the new feature likely stems from the company’s acquisition of TBH in October, the new Facebook Did You Know section has a few important differences from the anonymous polls — because the answers aren’t anonymous. Once users answer the questions, those answers will appear in a scrolling list on the profile, allowing friends to read them. The tool, however, has the same sort of sometimes fun, sometimes serious set of random questions.

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