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Justin’s Story:

Chipotle Is Giving Away More Free Food . . . This Time It’s Guacamole and Chips

At this point, you’re a sucker if you go into a Chipotle and can’t find SOME way to get something for free.  Ever since their food got some people sick a few years ago, they’ve been scrambling . . . and their strategy to win back your love is free food.

Here’s the latest:  From now until February 7th, you can play an online game called “Cado Crusher” where you try to click on different guacamole ingredients, whack-a-mole style.  And when you’re done, you get a coupon for free chips and guac.

You can cash in the coupon through the end of February.  If you want to play, go to


Chantel’s Story:

How Many Hours a Week Are You Actually Productive?

The average person is at work for 44 hours a week, according to a new survey.  But that definitely does NOT mean they’re putting in 44 hours of productivity.

The average person says they’re only productive at work for 29 hours a week . . . or a little under six hours a day.  It also means we spend more than a third of our time at work just kinda messing around.

So why aren’t we productive?  The top four reasons are:  Coworkers bothering us . . . too many meetings . . . getting distracted by our phones . . . and issues with office equipment.

And the four things that help increase our productivity are:  Cutting back on meetings . . . having more quiet places to work . . . flexible schedules . . . and having technology that’s up-to-date.


Jon’s Story:

A 75-Year-Old Woman Got Picked Up by a Tornado and Survived

A huge tornado that was almost a half-mile wide did a bunch of damage in east Texas last Saturday.  And a 75-year-old woman named Charlesetta Williams was right in the middle of it.

She lives in Smithland, Texas, right near the Louisiana border.  Apparently she doesn’t have a storm shelter or didn’t have time to get to it.  Because she and her son Ricky ended up jumping into her bathtub right before the tornado hit.

That’s usually a good spot if you don’t have a basement.  Bathroom walls are sturdier because of the pipes.  And bathtubs are usually anchored to the ground pretty well, so they won’t get picked up by the wind.  But in this case that’s EXACTLY what happened.

The tornado sheared off the back of the house . . . picked up the tub . . . and tossed it through the air.  Charlesetta had a blanket over her head, so she didn’t see much.  But they could feel the tub spinning around before it landed.

It’s not clear how far it threw them, but they ended up in some woods nearby.  And the crazy part is neither of them were seriously hurt.

Charlesetta was a little sore the next day, but that’s it.  Her house got knocked off its foundation, and it’s a total loss.  But her family is just glad they both survived.  And they’re already planning to rebuild.

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