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A Woman Says She Was Fired For Complaining About a Coworker’s Body Odor

  It’s a REALLY tough situation when you’ve got a coworker who smells horrible.  But apparently, if you don’t tackle it head on, it makes it worse:  One woman tried to go the passive-aggressive route, and now she’s out of a job and in court.

A woman named Amber Bridges was working as a supervisor at a magistrate court in Indianapolis back in November of 2016 when some of her employees started complaining to her about one coworker’s, quote, “chronic body odor.”

So Amber bought a bunch of air fresheners and installed them all over the office.

Unfortunately, about six months later, the employee with the body odor complained to human resources that the air fresheners had created a hostile work environment . . . and Amber was fired.

Now she’s suing the city of Indianapolis for wrongful termination.

She’s arguing that the employee’s body odor is a DISABILITY, and since she was working to accommodate it under the Americans with Disabilities Act, she shouldn’t have lost her job.


A Guy Just Set the Record For Eating at Chipotle on the Most Consecutive Days

Chipotle’s BEST argument that their food probably WON’T make you all sick and diarrhea-y is . . . well . . . this guy, I guess.

A guy from Tiffin, Ohio whose real name is Bruce Wayne just set a world record on Monday by eating at Chipotle for 426 consecutive days . . . and counting.  He started on October 30th, 2016 and he says he has no plans to stop.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how he ate there on Christmas when all of the Chipotles around the country were closed, he got his order to-go the day before.


30% of Millennials Have Told a Co-Worker How Much They Make

Do you know how much your co-workers get paid?  And would you be willing to tell them what YOU make?  It used to be taboo.  But according to a recent survey, young people are much more likely to say it’s FINE now.

30% of workers between 18 and 36 have shared their salary information with a co-worker.

Only 8% of people between 53 and 71 have done it. came up with six possible reasons young people are more open about their salary.  See if you agree with them . . .

1.  They’ve been taught to collaborate instead of compete.

2.  They value transparency.  But really, who doesn’t?

3.  They value fairness and equality more than older generations.

4.  In general, they’re not as selfish.

5.  Everyone has massive amounts of student debt.  So it’s easy to relate to each other and feel like you’re all in it together.

6.  Companies are more open about salaries.  The new school of thought is that being transparent with salary information reduces tension and improves performance.  The social media company Buffer even makes it available to the public.

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