Jon And Chantel

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Jon’s Story:

One day, wheat and oats and corn will be vanquished, and we will eat EVERYTHING off of FRIED CHICKEN.  I just hope I’m alive long enough for that to happen . . . and, ironically, have it kill me.

Taco Bell is selling those chalupas with fried chicken instead of a shell.  And now KFC is selling a PIZZA that uses fried chicken as the crust.  Then they put marinara sauce, cheese, and toppings on it.

They introduced it in the Philippines and India, but now it’s EXPANDING.  They just rolled them out in Singapore . . . so I feel like we’ve probably got a shot at getting them over here one day too.


Justin’s Story:

You’d like to think that if you marry someone, they’d be willing to take a bullet for you.  Or, at the VERY least, they’d be willing to lie to someone conducting a survey and SAY they’d take a bullet for you.

But according to a new survey, 7% of husbands and 6% of wives admit they would NOT risk their own life by jumping in front of their spouse if someone was pointing a gun at them.

It also found that 5% of men and 3% of women wouldn’t try to save their spouse if they were drowning.

So if we’re that COLD with our husbands and wives, we’ve got to be WAY colder to strangers, right?

The survey found about 19% of people wouldn’t intervene at all if a stranger was being held at gunpoint or drowning . . . even if that stranger was a KID.


Chantel’s Story:

Are we so obsessed with being “normal” that we have to worry about whether we’re SUCKING and BITING our food correctly?  Also, are we so immature that I can’t say that sentence without you making it DIRTY?

Buzzfeed just ran a survey that asked people if they suck or bite different foods that, well, can either be sucked on and then chewed, or just immediately bitten.  Yes, plenty of those exist.  Here are their results . . .

1.  Gummy bears . . . 90% bite without sucking first.

2.  Chocolate . . . 77% bite.  23% suck on it first.

3.  Orange slices . . . 73% bite.  27% suck.

4.  Ice cubes . . . 50% bite.  50% suck.

5.  Altoids . . . 25% bite.  75% suck.

6.  Popsicles . . . 24% bite.  76% suck.

7.  Lollipops . . . 16% bite.  84% suck.

8.  Hard candies . . . 13% bite.  87% suck.

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