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The Top Eight Situations That Make Us Miserable

According to a recent study, here are the top eight everyday situations that make us feel annoyed and miserable.

1.  Being sick enough that you have to stay in bed.

2.  Working.

3.  Having to take care of an adult, like an elderly parent.

4.  Standing in line.

5.  Doing taxes or paying bills.

6.  Being in a boring meeting.

7.  Your commute.

8.  Cleaning or doing chores around the house.


A Couple Breaks Up When the Guy Gets Caught Cheating . . . in Burger King’s Instagram Comments?

An Instagram user named Jordan_VonSmith86 recently left a comment on one of Burger King’s Instagram photos saying, quote, “My girl legit took 20 minutes ordering in the drive-thru last night, those Whoppers were worth it though, LOL.”

But there was one problem.  His girlfriend, Shanlee, saw the comment . . . and she wasn’t with him that night.

So SHE commented, quote, “Um excuse me @Jordan_VonSmith86???  I don’t recall going last night or ever liking Burger King.  Who are you talking about?”  And then her next comment was, quote, “Answer your [effing] phone.”

Then she tagged some of her friends in another comment, THEY all left comments about how they knew Jordan was bad for her . . . and finally, Shanlee ended up DUMPING him, right there in the comments on Burger King’s Instagram photo.

Quote, “Hope the Whopper Juniors were worth it.  Your [stuff] is outside.”

Of course, it’s possible that this is all a hoax . . . but why would someone even bother creating all those fake Instagram accounts?  So we’re going to assume it’s real.  Please let it be real.


There’s a New Contest Where You Can Win a Wedding . . . at Taco Bell

When you were a little girl, lying in bed, dreaming of your wedding one day, did you picture yourself surrounded by gordita supremes, cinnamon twists, and giant cups of Mountain Dew?  If so, your fairytale could come true.

TACO BELL is running a new contest where you can get married . . . at Taco Bell.  Now, it’s not just any Taco Bell.  It’s a “fancier” one in Las Vegas, and it’s actually got a classic Vegas wedding chapel inside.

To enter the contest, just post a photo or video on Twitter or Instagram about, quote, “Taco Bell’s role in your love story” and use the hashtag #LoveAndTacosContest.  You’ll win a trip for six to Vegas, catered dinner at Taco Bell, and more.

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