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Choose the news 2/16/17

McDonald’s Has a New Chocolate Shamrock Shake This Year

This year, McDonald’s won’t just be selling the standard Shamrock Shake . . . they’re also doing a CHOCOLATE Shamrock Shake.

They make it by filling the bottom half of the cup with chocolate milkshake and the top half with the shamrock.  Then they put whipped cream, green sugar crystals, and a little chocolate syrup on top.

Some McDonald’s locations are already starting to get the Shamrock Shakes in stock . . . a solid six-plus weeks before St. Patrick’s Day.  You can check out to find out where you can get them.


The Key to a Happy Marriage Is . . . When the Guy Likes His In-Laws

Are you wondering if your boyfriend is marriage material?  Here’s a hint:  If he’s ever said, “Wow, I sure do hate your mom” . . . then no, he’s not.

A new study out of the University of Michigan just found that married couples are happier if the guy has a good relationship with his wife’s parents.  It’s much less important for the woman to get along with her husband’s parents.

The researchers think it’s because an adult woman tends to be closer to her parents than a man, so when her husband likes them, that eliminates a potentially huge source of stress and conflict.

 Nobody throws more shade than Zoo Atlanta

By now we’ve all heard that the New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons at the Superbowl. Which means that it was time for Zoo Atlanta to pay up to a bet they made with a zoo in Road Island: name a baby animal at the losing city’s zoo after the winning city’s quarterback.

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