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Choose the news 2/17/17

Monopoly Fans Have Voted the Thimble Out of the Game

Hasbro just announced that Monopoly fans have spoken, and the THIMBLE game piece has been voted out.  It’s been one of the tokens since the game debuted in 1935.

Hasbro has been running a vote where people will pick a new game piece from choices like sunglasses, a penguin, a hashtag, and four different emoji faces.

And to make room, one of the originals had to go.  The thimble lost . . . and we’ll find out what’s replacing it next month.

The thimble is the second “domestic” item to be removed from the game in the past four years.  The iron was removed in 2013 and replaced by a cat.

The Top Four Excuses for Not Working Out


According to personal trainers, here are the top four BOGUS excuses people use for not exercising . . .

1.  “I don’t have time.”  Half of the people who say that watch three hours of TV every night.  So what they really mean is it’s not a priority.  But it should be.  And you don’t even have to go to the gym.  You can work out at home WHILE you watch TV.

2.  “I’m too tired.”  Which isn’t really true most of the time, it’s all mental.  Plus working out actually HELPS with fatigue.  Studies have found that even just walking 20 minutes every other day can give you more energy.

3.  “It hurts to exercise.”  If you have a twisted ankle, don’t work out.  But if it’s something chronic like sore knees, try to work through it.  Exercise is usually GOOD for chronic pain.  Once your legs get stronger, your knees won’t hurt as much.

4.  “I can’t afford a gym membership.”  Which is fine, because you don’t NEED one.  Things like walking, running, and skipping rope are free.  And there are a million videos on YouTube that show other free workouts you can do at home.

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