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People Are Eating Oranges in the Shower to Avoid the Mess?

There’s something so masterfully LAZY about this.

Apparently, people are now eating oranges in the SHOWER . . . because it helps them avoid the sticky mess that comes from eating them in normal places.

And the trend is spreading because people are sharing pictures of their “shower oranges” on social media.  Of course they are.



Pop-Tarts Are Being Turned Into Pizza, Nachos, and Milkshakes

If you haven’t heard, there’s a Kellogg’s restaurant in Times Square in New York where you can pay six bucks for a bowl of cereal.  And now, they’re going to let you spend way more than that to get weird with Pop-Tarts.

Kellogg’s NYC is rolling out a bunch of Pop-Tarts items, including nachos . . . pizza . . . tacos and burritos . . . tiramisu . . . and milkshakes.  They’re all made mostly out of different types of Pop-Tarts, although some other dessert ingredients sneak in too.

They’re only going to be available this week, and they’ll cost up to $12 . . . but you CAN probably replicate them yourself for a lot cheaper at home.



A Man Attacks His Father With an Ax Over How to Split a Pot Pie

There can’t be many worse feelings as a parent than almost getting ax murdered by your kid over a pot pie.

A 30-year-old guy named Kevin Blanch from Springettsbury Township, Pennsylvania and his 61-year-old father Dennis got into an argument on Sunday morning.

Kevin was upset at his mother for eating too much of the family’s pot pie, and Dennis took her side.

It escalated to the point where Kevin grabbed an AX and threw it at his dad’s NECK.

Fortunately it just cut him and didn’t, you know, lop his head off.

Kevin was arrested for attempted homicide and aggravated assault.

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