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Choose The News 2/28/17

Eight Warning Signs of a Nervous Breakdown

 A therapist recently posted a list online of eight signs you’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  If only a few of them apply, you might just be a little stressed out.  But if they ALL sound way too familiar, take it seriously . . .

1.  You have escape fantasies.  Like you want to pick up and leave everything behind.

2.  You feel like you have no downtime.  Which is common if you have kids.  But it can also be a sign of anxiety and depression.

3.  You struggle to make simple decisions.  It might be because your body’s producing too much of the stress hormone cortisol.

4.  You’ve stopped socializing completely.  You don’t even WANT to, because you’re too overwhelmed with everything else.  So it feels like work.

5.  You can’t sleep.  It’s a classic sign of anxiety and depression.

6.  You’re having panic attacks.  Obviously it’s a sign you’re dealing with major anxiety.

7.  You’re self-sabotaging.  A common example is going out drinking when you know you have to wake up early.  Stress-eating is another one.

8.  It feels like you keep failing at everything.  Which probably isn’t true.  But if you feel like you’re constantly failing at work AND at home, you might be depressed.  (Healthista)

Check Out This Photo From 1999 of a Divorced Couple Splitting Up Their Beanie Babies in Court

I’m pretty sure if these two people could do their divorce over, they’d spend a LOT more time focusing on dividing their OTHER stuff.

A photo just surfaced online that was taken in a court room in Las Vegas in 1999 . . . of a divorced couple splitting up their BEANIE BABIES.  Their huge collection is on the floor of the courtroom, and they’re picking which ones they want to keep, one-by-one.

The collection was worth thousands of dollars at the time, but now, it’s probably worth more like TENS of dollars


86% of Us Are Constantly Checking Our Emails, Texts, and Social Media

  If you send someone a text and they don’t respond to you immediately, you should feel OFFENDED.  Because the odds say they got the message and made the choice not to respond.

According to a new survey, 86% of people now say they’re pretty much CONSTANTLY checking their emails, texts, and social media throughout the day.

And we do that even though it’s making us crazy.  42% say that things they see on social media stress them out.

The survey also found how we’re trying to “unplug” . . . for at least a few hours a day.

28% of us don’t allow cell phones at the dinner table . . . 19% won’t use their phone when they’re with friends . . . and 19% have turned off the notifications for their social media apps.


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