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Choose the news 3/13/18

New Viral Trend: The Last Thing You Texted Is What Goes on Your Tombstone

 You might not put a ton of thought into the text messages you send.  But you would if one of them could randomly serve as your ETERNAL LEGACY.

On Friday, a guy on Twitter named Dan McDaid posted an idea:  What if the last thing you texted is what goes on your TOMBSTONE?

And his tweet started going viral, with people sharing their last text that would become their embarrassing, permanent last words.

Some of the ones people shared are:  “Your present is here” . . . “Did you eat my chicken enchiladas” . . . “What if I die from floor ice cream toxins?” . . . and the accidentally optimistic “I’ll be up soon.”

California Might Start Letting People Pick Their Own Driver’s License Photos

  Do you take 25 selfies before you post the one where you look PERFECT?  If so, it must just make you insane that you look like a hungover goblin on your driver’s license.

Well . . . the vainest state in the country just might change that.  There’s a bill in the California state senate that would let people pick their OWN driver’s license photo.

You’d have to pay an extra fee . . . but damn, could be worth it, right?

The bill has a long way to go before it could potentially become a law . . . and I can see one BIG argument against it:  Just think of how bad the waits will be at the DMV if it passes and everyone’s sitting there taking 20 pictures.


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