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Choose the news 3/29/18

$100 PB & J

The Daily Mail claims the Pinstripes restaurant chain is offering a five-course peanut butter and jelly sharing menu for $100. The deal is being offered on National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day on April 2nd

The menu features …

a peanut butter and jelly filet mignon

nut butter and raspberry preserves on Artisan brioche bread

a peanut butter and jelly pistachio salad

a peanut butter and raspberry preserve flatbread with mozzarella cheese

a nutty chicken pasta with blueberry bourbon preserves.


Six April Fool’s Day Easter Pranks

April Fool’s Day is also Easter this year.  The last time it happened was in 1956, and it won’t happen again until 2029.  So make the most of your Easter-themed PRANKS this Sunday.  Here are six of the best ideas we’ve seen . . .

1.  Fill a hollow chocolate bunny up with MUSTARD.  The percentage of people who like that combo is roughly 0%.  Even if they see some yellow leaking out, they’ll probably just think it’s cream or custard or something.

2.  Dye a few raw eggs that haven’t been boiled.  The big payoff for that one is when they toss it in their basket or try to eat it.

3.  Fill your kids’ plastic eggs with disappointing stuff, like crumpled up candy wrappers or vegetables.  Or if you want to take it a step further, glue the eggs shut.

4.  Take a few of your kid’s OLD toys and put them in their basket.  Hopefully they freak out . . . claim Easter a sham . . . and hate the Easter Bunny forever.

5.  Make a sponge cake out of actual sponges.  You just have to frost it so it looks like the real deal.


6.  Do an Easter egg hunt, but don’t hide any eggs.  That one might RUIN your kids’ Easter though.  So maybe just hide them in one room, and tell them to look in another room.  Then after a few minutes, you can tell them it’s a prank.


Mob Using Cows To Intimidate

The NY Post claims mobsters in Sicily, Italy are using cows to intimidate farmers. One such land owner, named Emmanuel Feltri, tells The Guardian that the cows are running into cars and destroying other property. “The cattle mafia is destroying these lands. They ask the farmers for protection money, from $60 to $600 a month. They want to take our lands. Their goal is to bring the farmer to bankruptcy, by destroying his crop or burning his lands. In that way, they will be able to buy that land, for very little money, and benefit from EU agricultural subsidies.’’


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