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Choose the news 3/15/17

There’s a New iPhone Case That’s Also an Android Phone

  There’s a ridiculous new cell phone case on Kickstarter right now that’s PERFECT for anyone who’s ever been crushed by the pressure of one of the great debates of our time:  iPhone or Android.

Because it’s an iPhone case . . . that’s also an Android phone.

Seriously.  The case has its own big screen and runs Android.  You can put in a SIM card and give it its own phone number, so you can call and text from it.  And it doesn’t need a separate plan, because it shares the iPhone’s data.

It also has a large battery built in that it shares with the iPhone, so your phone will last longer through the day.  And you can charge that battery . . . and the iPhone itself . . . wirelessly.  Basically, this case is like a very helpful parasite.

Now, because it’s on Kickstarter, there’s always a risk that the project will fall apart and you’ll lose your money.  But you can get in on it for $95, which is reasonable . . . and isn’t THAT much more than a case that just has the extended battery like this one.

It’s scheduled to start shipping in August.

(Kickstarter / Gizmodo

98% of Us Think We’re Nicer Than the Average Person


  We love studies where people have to compare themselves to the “average person.”  Whoever that person is, we really don’t think highly of them . . .

According to a new study, 98% of us think we’re nicer than the average person, which is statistically impossible.

The researchers found that thinking you’re a nice person doesn’t always correlate with BEING nice.  But they did find a link to how SUCCESSFUL you are.

People in the study who thought they were much nicer than other people tended to make more money, and were happier in general.Three of the most common “nice” things we do are giving people directions . . . holding an elevator for someone . . . and giving up our seat on a bus or train.

63% said they reglarly donate their time or money to charity . . . 41% would babysit, or take care of a friend’s pet for free . . . and 33% would offer to help carry something heavy.  But just ONE heavy thing.  Only 22% of us would offer to help a friend move.

The top three things that make us STOP trying to be nice are when someone’s rude to us . . . when we lose something important, like our keys . . . and when we get bad service at a restaurant.

(Independent / / Daily Mail)

Is It Worthless to Shower With Soap? One Dermatologist Says Yes

Let’s hope none of your coworkers hear this and get inspired to try it out.

There’s a dermatologist at the University of Toronto named Sandy Skotnicki, and she’s currently working on a book that makes a pretty wild claim:  You don’t need soap.

Quote, “If you go to work, dress in a long-sleeve shirt and pants, you’re in your office all day and you go home, there’s no reason for you to use soap.  Even if you’ve been at the gym, you don’t necessarily need soap . . . water is more than enough to clean off.”

She says we’re not getting anywhere close to as dirty as we think we are.

And modern soaps are so filled with chemicals that they’re doing more damage to our skin than good.  They’re just making us itchy and don’t even do a particularly good job at getting the bacteria off of us.So should you EVER use soap?  Sure, if you’re actually dirty . . . but if you’re showering with it daily, it’s really unnecessary.


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