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Choose the news 3/20/17

Starbucks Is Rolling Out New Pastel Cups Without Their Logo for the Spring

Apparently this spring, the mermaid from the Starbucks logo finally gets to stop doing the splits and go on vacation.

Starbucks just announced they’ll be rolling out new seasonal cups this spring, and you’d NEVER know they were Starbucks cups.  They’re pastel colors, and instead of the mermaid logo, they feature drawings of things like the sun and an umbrella.

They’ll also be available WITHOUT the drawings . . . so just a pastel cup with a white circle in the middle.  They go on sale next Thursday.


Monopoly Announced the Game Pieces It’s Kicking Out and Their Replacements

 Back in January, Hasbro announced that there were going to be some big changes to Monopoly’s game pieces.  Some of the classics were going to get kicked out and replaced by new ones.  And they put the whole thing to a vote.

Well the results are in.  Three of the classic tokens are out, and three new ones are in.

Monopoly is officially getting rid of the thimble . . . the wheelbarrow . . . and the boot.  And the new tokens replacing them are a T-rex . . . a rubber ducky . . . and a penguin.

That means the old school pieces that managed to get enough votes to survive are the Scottie dog . . . top hat . . . car . . . cat . . . and battleship.  I use the term “old school” loosely with the cat, since it’s only been around since 2013, when it replaced the iron.

There were dozens of options for new tokens, and the fact that people voted in three fairly basic animal options showed we’re not QUITE as ready for Monopoly to jump into modern times as Hasbro seemed to be.

Some of the possible tokens that didn’t get the votes included four different emoji faces . . . a hashtag sign . . . a thumbs-up . . . sunglasses . . . a Vespa scooter . . . a monster truck . . . a cell phone . . . a TV . . . and a NASCAR race car.

The Most “Craveable” Burgers Are From . . . White Castle?


I’m not sure this is a testament to good food or good marketing, but I’m kind of leaning toward option B.

A new survey asked people what chain has the most “CRAVEABLE” burgers, and the number one pick is . . . White Castle.

And not to take anything away from their tiny blessings of meat and grease, but a big reason people may’ve picked White Castle is because they’ve been using the marketing slogan “What You Crave” for years.  That connection may’ve seeped into our brains.

The rest of the top 10 most craveable burgers are:  Krystal . . . Burger King . . . In-N-Out . . . Whataburger . . . Five Guys . . . Red Robin . . . Carl’s Jr. . . . Fuddruckers . . . and The Habit.

The survey also asked people the most craveable chain overall, and White Castle didn’t win that one . . . Krispy Kreme and Cinnabon both beat it out.

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