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How Much Money Would It Take to Live the Rest of Your Life Stress-Free?

  Pretend you just hit the lottery for a million bucks.  Would that be enough to live the rest of your life basically stress-free?

According to a new survey in Australia, most people DON’T think winning nearly a million dollars would cover it.  (We’ve converted the results to American dollars, so if they sound like arbitrary amounts, that’s why . . .)

Only 24% said an $800,000 jackpot would be enough to totally change their life.  (In Australian dollars, that’s $1 million.)

17% said they’d need more like $6 million . . . and 30% would need about $8 million to live the rest of their life and not worry about money anymore.

33% said the best thing about winning a huge jackpot would be getting out of debt, and being financially secure.

22% said being able to help friends and family would be the best part.

14% said it would be having the freedom to do whatever they wanted.


The Four Things We Prioritize Over Getting Sleep

Clearly most of us do LOTS of other things at night besides sleep, which is why so few of us are getting even seven hours in before our alarm clock goes off.

So WHAT are we doing instead?  A new survey found the four main things people prioritize over getting a good night of sleep.  Check ’em out . . .

1.  Spending time with our family.  46% say it’s more important than getting good sleep.

2.  Spending quality time with our significant other, 43%.

3.  Watching TV or movies, 30%.

4.  Sending work emails, 30%.

The survey also found that 82% of us feel negative effects when we don’t sleep enough.  And the top three negative effects are:  Looking tired . . . being less productive . . . and feeling unmotivated.

(PR Newswire)

Would You Let Someone Wrap a Python Around Your Neck For a Massage?

I love a neck massage, just like everyone else.  But I’ll take a jacked up, kinked, sore neck any day if THIS is the alternative.

A salon in Dresden, Germany is offering clients neck massages . . . with a PYTHON.  They literally wrap a four-foot python around your neck, and as it slithers and crawls around, all of the muscles in its body massage your neck.

According to the owner of the salon, people LOVE the snake massages and there’s a ton of demand for them.  They cost about $40 for a half hour.


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