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Five Things That Make You Seem Rude

 Someone posted a list of things people do that can make you seem rude.  It’s mostly stuff you’re supposed to learn when you’re a kid.  Apparently some of us never did.  Here are the top five . . .

1.  Not saying “thank you.”  And writing thank you NOTES isn’t a huge thing anymore, but it should be.

2.  Interrupting people.  Most people don’t do it on purpose, and might not even realize they did it.  But the person you interrupt definitely does.

3.  Asking questions that are too personal.  Especially at work, or with someone you’re not very close with.  It puts them on the spot, so they feel rude if they don’t answer.

4.  Not having good table manners, or being a jerk at restaurants.  So everything from chewing with your mouth open, to yelling at a waiter.  Another one is ordering the most expensive thing on the menu when someone else is paying.

5.  Checking your phone when you’re talking to someone.  You seem like you’re not really listening, and don’t care about what they’re saying.  A lot of people even think it’s rude to leave your phone on the table in front of you when you’re in a meeting.

(Business Insider)

How Long Do You Go Without Washing Things Like Jeans, Bras, and Sheets?

A new survey asked people how long they go between washing some things that, frankly, lots of us don’t wash very often.  Here are the results . . .

1.   Jeans.  10% of people wash their jeans every single time they wear them and 44% do it at least once a week . . . but 28% go at least a month, and 18% will hold out for months and only wash them once they get a stain.

2.  Towels.  9% of people wash them after every use, which seems like ridiculous overkill.  43% of people wash them once a week . . . and 15% wash them whenever they get around to it.

3.  Sheets.  44% wash them every one or two weeks . . . another 35% wash them once a month . . . but 21% use them indefinitely and only throw them in the laundry when they’re repulsive.

4.  Bras.  Only 5% wash them after every use . . . 56% go one or two weeks . . . and 33% wait until they SMELL WEIRD.  Women are much more aggressive with their sports bras.  41% wash them after every use, and no one just lets them go indefinitely.

5.  Underwear.  97% of people wash their underwear after they wear it once.  3% of people sometimes re-wear the same pair even if it’s dirty.

Crayola Is Retiring One of Its 24 Core Colors For the First Time Ever

  So yeah, nothing from your childhood is sacred anymore.  Eventually it’s going to get sold out as part of a marketing stunt.

First Monopoly started slashing its classic game tokens like the thimble and the wheelbarrow.  And now Crayola is all like, “Hey, WE can ruin your nostalgia too.”

Crayola just announced that they’re going to get rid of one of the colors from their box of 24 crayons.  They’ve never eliminated one of those 24 core colors before.  And because it’s 2017, they’ll be live streaming their decision on Friday morning.

So what are the 24 colors that are currently involved in this Russian roulette scenario?

They are:  Red, yellow, blue, brown, orange, green, violet, black, carnation pink, yellow orange, blue green, red violet, red orange, yellow green, blue violet, white, violet red, dandelion, cerulean, apricot, scarlet, green yellow, indigo, and gray.

It’s hard to speculate which one will go, but it probably won’t be a super basic color like blue or yellow.  It will probably be one that’s fairly redundant . . . like, do we need “yellow green” and “green yellow” or “red violet” and “violet red”?

(Lehigh Valley Live)


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