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You’re Microwaving Your Leftovers Wrong

Tips like this are great.  It’s something you do every day, and you’ve probably been doing it wrong your whole life.  Do you ever heat something up in the microwave, like big plate of spaghetti?  But the middle is still cold, so you mix it up . . . toss it in for 30 more seconds . . . and then burn the crap out of your mouth?

It happens because microwaves can’t really penetrate that far into a deep pile of food like pasta, or leftover Chinese.  That’s why the edges are hot, and the middle isn’t.

So instead of piling it up in a big mound, try arranging it in the shape of a DONUT . . . a circle of pasta, with a hole in the middle.

It should heat more evenly that way, so you’ll only have to zap it once.  And there won’t be any hotter-than-lava sections, so you’re less likely to burn your mouth.

Apparently it helps with other foods too.  Like if you’re re-heating a bunch of drumsticks, arrange them in a circle so the meaty part is near the edge of the plate, and the bone is facing in, toward the middle.

(Reddit / Bro Bible)

The 10 Most Common Things People Leave Behind in Ubers . . . and the Weirdest

  I’m sure people are constantly leaving things behind in Ubers.  I’ve left the contents of my stomach behind in at least two of them, and it’s why now I have to use Lyft.

Uber just released a bunch of data on the stuff we FORGET in their cars.

The top 10 things people leave behind are:  Their phone . . . rings . . . keys . . . wallet . . . glasses . . . purse . . . license or ID . . . gloves . . . phone charger . . . and sunglasses.  That all makes sense.

They also released the 50 WEIRDEST things that drivers have had someone leave in their car.

Our 10 favorites are:  Valuable Nordic walking poles . . . a bulletproof vest . . . salsa verde . . . a vacuum cleaner . . . a diary . . . a Nintendo . . . a smoke machine . . . a cutout of an elf . . . a potted plant . . . and a lobster.


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