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Starbucks Is Now Testing Ice Cream Coffee at More Than 100 Stores

A Frappuccino is basically a milkshake, but you know what’s even MORE like a milkshake?  Milkshakes.

Starbucks just announced they’re going to start testing ICE CREAM drinks at more than 100 locations.  It’s called the Affogato, and it’s a shot of espresso or other coffee poured over a scoop of ice cream.

Most of the locations that are testing them are in Orange County, California . . . and it’ll be one of the most expensive items on the menu.  These will cost up to $6.40 depending on the type of coffee you pick.

(Business Insider)

The Eight Most Annoying Resume Mistakes


A woman who’s read over 40,000 resumes came up with a list of the most annoying mistakes she sees over and over again.  Here are the top eight  . . .

1.  Not paying attention to detail.  Like misspelled words and typos.  Hiring managers see a ton of resumes.  So they’re looking for any reason to toss yours in the trash.

2.  Too many cliché phrases and buzzwords.  Like saying you “think outside the box,” or that you’re a “team player.”  One or two of them is okay, just not ten.

3.  An extremely long summary, also called your “objective statement.”  It’s the paragraph at the top where you talk about your goals.  Some people think it’s outdated, and you don’t even need one.  So definitely don’t go overboard with it.

4.  Starting bullet points with the phrase, “Responsible for [blank].”  Like under your current job, you might say you’re, “Responsible for daily blog updates.”  There are better ways to say it, so it makes you look lazy and kind of boring.

5.  Being too formal.  Hiring managers get sick of seeing stuff like, “I utilized my prodigious writing skills and leadership capabilities to bolster client engagement.”  It’s better if you just say, “I used my writing and leadership skills to connect with clients.”

6.  Relying too much on a resume template.  Changing up the font or the layout can help you stand out.  Just don’t get TOO creative.  It still needs to look professional.

7.  Having too much blank space on the page, or not enough.  Sometimes a page that’s totally filled with writing is even more annoying.  Especially if you have to use a tiny font to fit it on one page.  If you do, either make it two pages, or start cutting stuff.

8.  Taking up too much space with your contact information.  Your name goes at the top.  Then your phone number and email address should be directly underneath it, without a ton of space in between.

Most people still put their mailing address in there, but you might not need to.  If you take that out, you can fit your contact info on one line, right under your name.

(Business Insider)

A Guy Gets Five Years in Prison, Because He Left His Trial Before the Jury Found Him Innocent

 It really pays to be optimistic.  Which this guy learned the hard way . . .

49-year-old Allen Cochran was in court last week in Norfolk, Virginia, facing two felony charges.

He was accused of stealing $33 worth of sharp cheddar cheese from a grocery store in 2015.  And the second charge was for not showing up at a previous court hearing.

The good news for Allen is the jury found him NOT GUILTY of stealing the cheese.  But unfortunately, he wasn’t there to hear the verdict . . . because he didn’t show up.

Apparently he sat through the whole trial last Thursday.  But he didn’t come back for the verdict on Friday, because he thought they’d find him guilty.

The crazy part is he probably wouldn’t have faced ANY jail time for the other charge.  But when he didn’t show up for the verdict, the jury decided to give him the maximum sentence of FIVE YEARS in jail.

Now he’s on the run.  As of last night, the cops were still trying to track him down.

(The Virginian-Pilot)

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